AirPods Pro 2 Best Review

The AirPods professional 2 have appeared with a powerful feat: coming back with all-new options while not a rise in price from the original, a pair of $1,019 AirPods pro 2. With a replacement chip (the H2) powering things on, we’re treated to way greater sonic performance and wonderful noise cancellation, as well as improved battery life. While while reaching to be perfect for Android users, and they do value a reasonable penny, we have a tendency to be constantly absorbed by the sonic performance on offer here-it is a vastly worthwhile upgrade from Apple.


  • good noise cancellation
  • Supersound and spatial audio quality
  • Longer battery life.


  • Expensive
  • Lack of alternative colors

When trying the new AirPods pro 2, the first question that comes to mind is: what is actually different? The primary AirPods pro were a good move forward for Apple. The sound quality was good and the overall performance was nice when you have multiple Apple devices.

What can be improved?

Well, while the planning hasn’t moved thereon much since the first iteration (just a brand new audio vent hinting at a difference), the new case has a speaker and a lanyard attachment, for easy finding the lost earbuds and keeping hold of them on your person.

There are some new options we enjoyed within the mix too: volume control from the stems is welcome, if fiddly to use, and the microphones have been increased to allow for better voice clarity as well.

The personalized spatial audio capability is good to have, making them feel like your earbuds, but we’re unsure if it adds heaps.

However, the audio performance has been massively upgraded thanks to the new H2 chip, and it makes these a true contender for the most effective true wireless earbuds around.

The overall soundscape is wide, expansive and the AirPods pro 2 are excellent at pulling out different instruments within the audio. The vocal tones are clear, the bass thudding but not dominant-we found ourselves reaching for them just to sink into a sonic world once we had an idle moment.

That feeling of audio envelopment comes from a stronger noise canceling capability, and it is excellent on the AirPods pro 2. It’s one of the best true wireless earbuds we’ve tried.

The battery life has been extended, but now not to beat many other rivals on the market. Turn on all the head tracking, Spatial Audio, and noise-cancelling features and you will get about 4-5 hours between charges, with the case now able to charge in a variety of new ways too.

In short, even though they are expensive and a real investment, if you’re embedded within the Apple ecosystem, these are great, immersive, and superbly-sounding buds.

Design and functionality of the Airpods Pro 2.

  • The design is almost identical to previous models.
  • The case is the same shape, but with some more accessories.
  • The volume control is welcome but erratic.
  • excellent on-board microphones for voice

If you’re looking for AirPods with an all-new design, you’re not going to get that right here.

Source : Pcmag

Side by way of aspect, you’ll note that the AirPods Pro 2 do have an extra black section cut out. That is an audio vent designed to improve the great sound coming out of the diminutive buds–and, as you’ll see in a moment , that audio nice is damned amazing.

The only other small design change on the buds actually comes in the box, where Apple has packed in extra small tips for those with teenage ears.

While the stems on the AirPods Pro 2 might look the same, they house a new function on AirPods: volume control. We’ve been mournfully crying out for this feature since the first AirPods emerged years ago, and it’s finally here-except, well, it is far from ideal.

It works by stroking the small stem up and down, awaiting the small click on to confirm a change. When you get the rhythm, it’s great-the strokes work perfectly and you can change the volume easily, despite being a little slow to respond.

But, it’s so tough to get the sweet spot each time-while the function is excellent to have and one we use regularly, it is not well implemented enough to be wonderful.

The only other design change is the new charging case, which is both longer lasting on a single charge and comes with a brand new lanyard clip, as well as a speaker on the base.

The lanyard clip is a marvel, allowing one to wear the AirPods case around the neck in a nod to the world of fashion—but the speaker is more of a useful upgrade.

This speaker allows the AirPods pro to gain ‘find My’ features, so that you can press a button on your phone to make a sound emanate from the AirPods pro case.

The AirPods pro 2 also p.c. in the U1 chip that’s been introduced to iPhones of late, meaning you can see to your handset the direction of the headphones too-useful if the sound isn’t always playing.

It is not the best, as we sometimes just couldn’t hook up with the case when we knew it was in the house someplace, but on the other occasions when the connection appeared, it became fun to follow the signal around the house, with an increasingly strong vibration at the phone going on as we closed in.

The new charging case does have another best trick  allowing you to use an Apple Watch charger to juice up the AirPods pro 2 holder. It feels so seamless to do this that it’s difficult to understand why this hasn’t occurred before, but it is a superb function nonetheless.

AIrPods Pro 2: Superior Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation

  • The sound is excellent.
  • Noise reduction is phenomenal.
  • Spatial Audio works well.
  • Transparency allows for natural conversations.

Let’s get onto the good AirPods 2 and how the AirPods Pro 2 actually sound.

Longer solution: despite the reality that Apple decided not to make the AirPods pro 2 capable of lossless audio (even though its own Apple track platform supports it really heavily), the sound quality is so good that we just found ourselves looking to put them on to drift off into a beautiful sonic world.

It’s hard to put into words how a pair of headphones can bring joy, as it’s approximately how they enable a reference to the music that wasn’t there before.

The way that the AirPods pro 2 do that is a combination of factors: a clear ability to split out different elements within the music, a sturdy ability to reproduce bass, a crispness in voice mainly, and all combined with excellent Spatial Audio playback and mind-blowing noise cancellation.

It makes it even more maddening that lossless audio is not supported here, as you feel that there could be even more to come from them, but if that is the cost of keeping the price the same as in 2019, we bet we can stomach it .

Battery life of the AirPods Pro 2

Apple has increased the battery life of the AirPods pro 2 to manage 6 hours of use on a single charge with noise canceling enabled—and that is what we found in our testing too.

But we generally had them in noise canceling mode with head tracking and Spatial Audio enabled, to get the full revel in, and Apple thinks this has to be closer to five hours.

That seems a tiny bit generous, with a single hour’s listening dropping the battery life by about 25%—however, in our view, it is greater about the potential of the case to rate the headphones, as no one goes to listen for four hours in a row regularly.

The AirPods pro 2 case is now able to preserve 30 hours’ price-or 5 recharges of the AirPods-but, once more, we found this a piece generous. Don’t get us wrong, we rarely had an issue where both the AirPods Pro 2 and the case were out of juice, but we estimate you may need to top it up as soon as a week easily-and there are masses of true wi-fi earbuds out there. That may last longer.

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