Amazfit GTR 3 Best Review

Amazfit GTR 3 Review

The Amazfit GTR 3 is a great-looking entry-level sports activities watch that can provide wonderful performance for its modest rate tag – but doesn’t pretty stay up to all of Amazfit’s lofty claims.

It has very respectable fitness monitoring chops, with a huge selection of workout modes (six of which may be recognized and begin tracking automatically), correct GPS tracking for outdoor training sessions, and reliable heart rate monitoring. The heart rate monitor wasn’t quite as quick to respond to adjustments as we’d want to fast interval training sessions, but in case you’re new to working out then it truly is not likely to be an issue.

recovery is a key part of training, so it’s good to see Amazfit’s superb sleep tracking present and correct. With SpO2 tracking enabled the watch correctly detects sleep stages and wakefulness, or even factors naps into its relaxation and recovery calculations.

The watch itself looks excellent too, with a slim case and aircraft-grade aluminum bezel in a choice of two clever neutral colors, and a excellent AMOLED display. however, that great screen additionally puts a strain on the watch’s battery, and in our tests it ran flat within the space of per week in fairly ordinary use. That changed into a wonder considering Amazfit claims 10-day battery life in heavy use – though it is from shabby, and is on a par with Fitbit’s AMOLED devices.

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Price and release date

  • released October 2021
  • entry-level rate

The Amazfit GTR 3 released in October 2021 for $179.99 / £149 (about AU$240), that is a competitive rate for a GPS running watch – particularly one with an OLED display. The Amazfit GTR 3 pro, which landed on the same day, is barely extra high priced at $189.99 / £179 (approximately AU$260).

Design and display

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  • lightweight design
  • Resin and aluminum production
  • Slim case

The Amazfit GTR 3 has a coolest  design with a metal case and havy-grade aluminum and lugs for a smart look (many entry-level running watches have plastic lugs to best weight).It comes in  colorways, Thunder Black (as shown here) and Moonlight grey, both of which have co-ordinating straps and cases.

The watch’s completion is its exceptional OLED touchscreen show, this is shiny and responsive, as we’ve got come to count on from Amazfit’s sports activities watches. it is amazing for a device at this price point and its high resolution means it’s able to showing lots of data at a look. it is a shame the GTR 3 does not offer lots within the way of maps or navigation, as its display would be ideally suited to it.

, and a button that provides quick access to the list of pastime tracking modes. it’s a layout that takes some being used to (on most sports watches the lower button could take you back to the homescreen), but we liked the ability to start tracking a workout without drilling thru multiple menus.

The watchis OLED touchscreen display, that is shiny and responsive, as we’ve come to expect from Amazfit’s sports activities watches. it is amazing for a device at this price point and its high resolution means it’s able to showing lots of data at a look. it is a shame the GTR 3 does not offer lots within the way of maps or navigation, as its display would be ideally suited to it.

Battery life

  • a week in typical utilization with full functions enabled
  • lively faces and continually-on display drain energy faster
  • Shorter than Amazfit’s quoted figures

Amazfit costs a battery life of 21 days usage for the GTR 3, or 10 days with heavy use, however in our assessments it fell a ways brief of even the latter figure.

as with every sports activities watch, the use of GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring will reduce battery life. the usage of animated watch faces (including the default one) will also drain power extra quickly too, as will allowing always-on mode. however, in our testing we found usually-on mode needless because the watch woke reliably when we raised our wrist.

With an animated face and SpO2 tracking enabled, plus one tracked exercise every different day, our watch’s battery lasted almost precisely a week before it wished a price. it really is first rate, and on a par with many in addition priced watches, however some distance shorter than Amazfit’s very own numbers.

Smartwatch features

  • Microphone for Alexa voice commands
  • remote controls for digital camera and track player
  • restrained selection of apps to download

The GTR 3 runs Amazfit’s proprietary operating system, and in our tests it provided smooth, generally bug-free performance. The handiest downside we noticed changed into that animated faces appear to purpose a little lag, though this is probably a limitation of the watch’s hardware because it’s no longer something we found whilst checking out the GTR 3 pro.

As you’d anticipate from a nascent running gadget, there aren’t too many extra gear to be had to download through Amazfit’s store – only additional faces and a small set of fitness-related tools for tasks like reminding you to drink water, calculating your BMI, or checking for shade blindness. hopefully the choice will enlarge within the coming months and years, but it is a far cry from the variety offered by Garmin connect IQ.

there’s also a voice control microphone, which allows you to use Amazon Alexa. it is a shame which you cannot also make and receive phone calls thru Bluetooth, but that could be a lot to ask from an eye on this price bracket. If it really is an important feature for you, check the similarly styled Garmin Venu 2 Plus instead.

there is no on-board storage for track, that is a shame, however you may control your smartphone’s media participant. there may be also a far flung to control your cellphone’s digicam app.

enormously for a sports watch, the climate app is one of the most useful equipment, imparting a summary for the complete week in advance, plus advice on whether or not modern weather can be appropriate for activities like out of doors workouts and fishing.

  • Health tracking
  • dependable GPS tracking for outdoor activities
  • heart rate monitoring reasonably, however not excellent responsive
  • Designed with beginners in mind

despite its vast range of activity tracking modes (there are a few 150 to choose from), the Amazfit GTS 3 is very a lot an entry-level, accessible sports activities watch. Six of its workout modes can be identified and start tracking automatically (walking, indoor walking, out of doors running, treadmill, outside biking, pool swimming, elliptical instructor, and rowing machine), which is excellent in case you tend to be forgetful, but undergo in mind that you’ll need to set it up in the app first.

The watch’s GPS proved amazing in our tests, plotting our pre-measured 5km course to inside 200 meters (a difference that may be accounted for by way of the fact that it’s on roads rather than a tune). We found that automatic workout tracking took quite a while to kick in, although – Amazfit doesn’t specify how lengthy you’ll need to be working out before it is enabled, but we found it took 10 minutes or so.

heart rate tracking (the core of any sports watch) largely lined up with the figures recorded by using our Garmin Fenix 7, and was great for daily use and distance walking. but, at some point of an indoor biking class, we found that the watch’s heart rate display did not respond to changes pretty as unexpectedly as some higher-end sports watches. it truly is now not probable to be much of an issue for runners starting their fitness journey, but is well worth bearing in mind if you’re interested by heart price sector training.

The higher your heart price, the more PAI you earn, and your goal is to preserve a consistent rolling rating of as a minimum 100.

it is now not unlike Fitbit’s active zone minutes or the jewelry on an Apple Watch, in that it gives you a clear goal to goal for, but PAI has the advantage of being a single variety it truly is extremely simple to apprehend. PAI too low these days? circulate extra. it is as simple as that, and very reachable if you’re looking for a device to assist nudge you closer to more healthy habits in preference to help you in serious sports training.

before you begin wearing the Amazfit GTS 3 frequently, it is well worth taking a moment to set up advanced sleep tracking with SpO2 monitoring. This places a little extra strain on the battery, however is well worth it for the big increase in accuracy (with out it, the watch sometimes fails to differentiate among wakefulness and light sleep) and further data on sleep stages, including REM sleep.

One benefit of all Amazfit watches released within the last few years is their ability to tune naps in addition to night sleep  Taking a brief power-nap of round 20 minutes is encouraged, as long as you don’t leave it too past due inside the day, and will be brought for your sleep score.

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