Amazon Fire TV Omni Series Review in 2022

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Amazon’s declaration that it would create its own collection of TVs came as a marvel, however the company has in reality executed its homework. The Amazon Omni TV offers a vivid, colourful 4K / HDR screen with a smart platform and Alexa integration for a meager sum.

While we’d remember the Omni TV extra of a budget model consistent with the TCL 4-Series and Vizio V-Series, it performs a lot towards a mid-variety model with its above-common brightness and colour saturation. Contrast is still a sour factor, even though, and you would possibly word a few screen lights uniformity troubles as we did with our overview sample.

For gamers, the 60Hz local panel refresh charge and unmarried HDMI 2.1 port will probable – and best – be deal-breakers. But smart home fanatics may discover a few pleasure in having an Alexa-imbued TV that can manipulate their doorbell cameras and smart lights.

Price and availability

The Amazon Omni TV became released in 2021 and is available in five specific sizes, starting from 43 inches to seventy five inches.

In terms of pricing, the Omni TV’s listing rate starts at $ 400 for the 43-inch version, however, it may often be discovered for below $ three hundred.

Stepping up to the sixty five-inch ($ 600) and 75-inch ($ 899) versions will convey Dolby Vision support to the table. As each continue to be at the 60Hz local refresh charge, don’t expect any development to the movement processing, though.


From a classy point of view, Amazon doesn’t try to do a good deal out of the everyday with the Omni TV. The forty three-, 50- and fifty five-inch models have a black bezel around all sides and black u-fashioned toes supporting the TV close to the outer edges, even as the 65- and seventy five-inch editions have a silver bezel alongside the bottom and silver feet.

All models have a integrated microphone for Alexa placed at the lowest of the display screen. It will mild up while it hears the wake phrase (for maximum folks, that’s “Alexa”) and you can communicate to it similar to every other Echo device.

Spin the TV round to the back and also you’ll find a respectable amount of ports to choose from. There are 3 everyday HDMI 2.0a ports and one HDMI 2.1 eARC port that you could use to connect a soundbar. Obviously having extra HDMI 2.1 ports could be higher, but it doesn’t remember a great deal thinking about this is most effective a 60Hz television.

In terms of panel layout, you’re looking at an instantaneous-lit LED-LCD screen. A lack of neighborhood dimming hurts the overall bundle, as that’s something even Vizio includes on its access-stage TVs – we’ll cover the whole implications of that in the overall performance phase.

In phrases of layout, the entirety is quite face-value right here. That all changes while you start speakme approximately the Omni TV’s characteristic set and overall performance.

Inside the container, you will get a plastic faraway that can also be used for voice commands in case you’re sitting in addition away from the TV or need to stroll into another room for a minute and nonetheless give the TV some commands, like changing the music.


Features are a bit of a mixed bag for the Amazon Omni TV. On the only hand, it’s excellent price getting a clever TV with Alexa voice popularity for a pittance, however on the other, you do miss out on a number of niceties like Dolby Vision. Moreover, a number of the marketed features, like Casting, don’t always pass easily and may require a few tries to get operating.

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Leet’s start out with the good points. Setup is extraordinarily easy, specifically in case you have already got an Amazon account. You’ll essentially simply want to go into a few Wi-Fi records and log in in your Amazon account to link the TV, and you then’re completed. You’ll additionally get the gain of Fire TV’s new UI proper out of the container. It’s smooth and easy to understand, plus it puts content first.

Sure, maximum of that content is going to lean closely within the favor of Amazon’s very own provider, however it is great seeing a row of suggestions the front and middle.

Despite being Android-primarily based, Fire TV is without a doubt a extraordinary beast than both Android TV and the more moderen Google TV that the employer rolled out  years ago. Ads are a chunk extra conventional on Fire TV and the whole atmosphere feels a piece more limited to Amazon devices.

That ultimate bit isn’t so awful, though, mainly in case you use different Amazon smart home gadgets. Being capable of use the built-in Alexa to turn off the porch light at the cease of the night or turn on the front door camera when a bundle is delivered are each handy functions. Other TVs promise this degree of integration, but because of Amazon already having your clever home devices ’facts within the Alexa app, you may talk to the TV much like you’ll another Echo device in your own home. It’s extraordinarily convenient.

The different benefit of having Alexa built-in is that you’ll be able to control the TV without choosing up the faraway. For us, that was often as simple as turning the TV on the usage of our voice, turning the TV to HDMI 1 that had the Xbox Series X set up to it, then turning off the TV with our voice when we were carried out for the day – no far off vital.

In terms of connecting the TV to other apps, we had some successes and a few disasters. Connecting to YouTube with the aid of Casting changed into usually hit-or-leave out (primarily leave out), however we had no problems getting Spotify Connect to paintings after we set up the Spotify app on the TV.

Picture best

In the photo-first-class branch, the Amazon Omni is a surprising megastar amongst a number of its dimmer, less colourful opponents. Even with its everyday out-of-the-field putting without a calibration, the Omni TV dazzles with its shiny highlights and deep shades. It makes maximum HDR video games and movies look in reality extra special.

Obviously, this TV become constructed for 4K HDR content material in order that’s in which matters look the pleasant. Playing games on an Xbox Series X and PS5 look notable, notwithstanding not being capable of run at 120Hz. The shades in shows like Chef’s Table and The Witcher (both available in 4K HDR on Netflix) pop off the display screen in vibrant colorings.

That said, even as colorations and peak luminance push well above their weight here, comparison isn’t the TV’s satisfactory electricity. On grey screens, it’s smooth to peer wherein there are uniformity problems with the Omni TV’s direct backlight with some patches of LEDs shining brighter than others. This can make for negative black tiers whilst you’re looking a night or space scene.

Additionally, motion processing is satisfactory right out of the container and not using a apparent artifacting in any of the content we watched – you’re now not always getting the smoothest reaction whilst watching rapid sequences like a Formula 1 race or a football game on TV.

Audio overall performance

Rocking  8W down-firing speakers, don’t assume much from the Amazon Omni TV in terms of splendid audio great. Dialogue become frequently quite tough to hear unless the audio was cranked up to 40 or 50 and the stability never appeared to be quite proper no matter which audio preset or quantity level we picked up.

Just as terrible, sound replica is quite flat. Again, this actually isn’t unusual on a TV on this charge variety, however it does imply that movies and song sound a chunk less impactful than they could be on a better-quit version.

You should, of direction, restoration this via including on a soundbar however, as far as we recognize, you can’t get the TV to bypass thru a Dolby Atmos signal. You’ll ought to stay with Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 sound rather than a 7.1.2 soundbar.

That said, Amazon does have one trick up its sleeve to help make the scenario a little higher for fledgling domestic audio fanatics. It permits you to apply an Amazon Echo tool as a surround sound speaker.

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