Apple Airtag Review 2021

You will never lose something in bed again. Apple’s AirTags ($ 29) integrate with iOS and create the world’s largest iOS device network, Bluetooth Tracker, which is extraordinarily easy to set up, use, and discover – especially compared to Tiles, the industry’s current giant. If you have an iPhone or iPad, AirTag is a smooth and fun way to track your lost devices.



Accurate and reliable

Provides directional tips

Can send location from a distance

Replaceable batteries

No Android compatibility

There is no way to pin a phone with a tag

There is no hole for Leonard or a key

Anti-tracking features are limited

Never lose anything again

There is a good industry without trackers for people, vehicles and things. Owners of Samsung phones and tablets have smart tags and smart tags +. For iPhone and iPad users, AirTag actually competes with Tile, one of the giants in the industry, as its entire brand is built on low-cost Bluetooth trackers, so pick them up when you lose your keys.




Apple AirTag 

(Quick note: the AirTag is compatible with any iPhone or iPad running iOS or iPad 14.5 or later. And discovery.)

Air tags are easier to set up than tiles, have better directional power and can be found from a distance. Tiles come with more form factors than air tags, and you can call your phone from the tile as well as the other way around. But their range is a maximum of 30 feet, and the range of air tags is functionally infinite as long as there is someone with an iPhone next to it.

You can get an air tag for $ 29, or four for $ 99. In addition, you will need to purchase owners for them: Unlike tiles and smart tags, there is no Leonard hole in the air tag. An Apple Leather key ring sells in blue, brown or red for $ 35; Brown or red leather loop holder for $ 39; Silicone loop holder in blue, orange, white or yellow for $ 29. This is because Apple already has a large third-party ecosystem. You can get the basic versions of the keyboard and loop holder from Belkin for $ 12.95, and Amazon has dozens of nameless keyboards and loop holders starting at $ 2.99.

You will not feel an air tag when you put it in your jeans pocket. At 1.26 inches in diameter and 0.31 inches thick, it is slightly erroneous than Tile Mate or Tile Pro and is thinner than tile thinner. It is significantly thinner and smaller than the Samsung smart tags. The difference between an air tag and a tile thinner is largely dynamic because if you try to track your wallet, the air tag makes it bigger than a tile thinner. But small tags don’t easily fit in a bag, coat pocket or suitcase and are great from an Apple keyboard owner.

Apple claims that the replaceable CR2032 battery will last for about a year.

The powers of magic discovery

Setting and basic discovery feels like magic. Keep a new AirTag up to your iPhone or iPad, it will be detected automatically. You can name it, then search my app and it will start chasing. To find the AirTag, you can tell it to make a small pipe noise or play a hot and cold game with the distance. If you have an iPhone 11 or higher, that distance indicator comes with a useful directional arrow, the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Orientation Protocol. Tiles do not yet have UWB tags; If you want UWB from a Samsung tag, you should get a $ 39.99 smart tag + rather than the basic smart tag.

From near to

If the air tags are more than 30 feet from your phone, guests will use Bluetooth connections with Apple phones to tell you where they are. Apple says these contacts are encrypted from the end and no one knows the location or identity of an air tag.

It is important to note the limitations of the air tag. It’s not a real GPS tracker, because it depends on the location of the iPhone within 30 feet of the network. This works well in cities with a large number of iPhone users, but it is not so useful in rural areas. Tile and Samsung also use third-party device networks. Tile currently says I have 7,302 users within 10 miles; Unlike Apple, Samsung does not provide a number.

Apple reduces annoying things

Apple does not usually create product categories; It takes other people’s ideas and makes them less annoying. The iPod was not the first MP3 player and the iPhone was not the first smartphone, but both products smoothed out the processing and adoption edges and carried their entire range forward.

The same goes for the air tag. By tightly integrating the tag with iOS, Apple has developed a Bluetooth item tracker that detects UWB direction and is free of connection errors. Air tags have a non-technological look and are at such a good level to popularize Apple.

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