Arlo Essential Indoor Camera Best Review in 2021

Arlo Essential Home Camera One of the biggest drawbacks of other Arlo home security cameras is the inclusion of an automatic privacy shutter.

This covers the lens of the camera and reduces the power to the microphone and the camera, preventing it from being recorded. The app can be activated at any time, eliminating any fear of constant viewing in your home.

The camera is integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, ensuring that you can view the camera’s feed on a compatible smart display and use the unit in home automation activities as well. However, unlike other Arlo home security cameras, it does not support HomeKit.

Arlo Essential Indoor Cameras Priced and Available

As we already mentioned, the camera has a three-month free trial of Alo Smart, so you can safely store the video captured by the camera online and access the features to reduce unwanted alerts. After the trial, Arlo Smart


  • Is operated by the main power
  • Can be mounted freely or on a wall
  • Compact design

The Arlo Essential Home Camera is similar to Arlo’s battery-powered home security cameras. Round in shape, it comes with a single shiny white plastic cover. The free handle unit with a ball and socket joint with a round base plate 1.8 / 4.5cm high makes it easy to position at a perfect angle in your home. Also includes a mounting kit if you need to mount the security camera to a wall or ceiling.

Measuring 2.0 x 1.9 x 4.5 inches / 5.2 x 4.9 x 11.32cm, the Arlo Essential Home Camera is one of the most compact home security cameras on the market. The sensor is located on the front of the device and can record scenes in full HD through a 130 degree lens. On the back of the unit you will find a speaker and a micro-USB socket for the main power cable. As we already mentioned, the unit comes with an automatic white plastic concealment shutter. When activated, it covers the camera lens, disables motion detection and audio, and reduces the power to the microphone.

Like other Arlo home security cameras, the essential indoor camera is simple to set up. Download the Arlo app, set up a free account and then follow the steps to add the camera to your account. You may need to press the sync button at the bottom of the camera to complete the setup. It is a very simple process and it activates your camera in a matter of minutes.


  • Full HD displays are clear
  • The 130-degree field of view is narrower than other Arlo cameras
  • Automatic privacy shutter

Once the essential indoor camera is set up, you can place it to keep an eye on your home; If the motion is detected, it will be quick to send an alert. On examination, we found that the full HD video that recorded it day and night was clear. Note, however, that any video recorded in the dark is darker in color than white, and the camera uses infrared light rather than focusing to illuminate the scene.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Integration with Amazon Alex and Google Assistant
  • Activate a ground power or create a recording schedule

Like all other Arlo Home Security Cameras, the Essential Home Camera uses the Arlo app, which makes it easy to use and gives your cameras as much or less control as you like.

Launch the app, it will give you a list of any Arlo cameras installed in your home and a photo of the last recorded motion picture. From here you can easily see the status of the cameras and access the frequently used settings. The selected Library tab at the bottom of the screen shows the chronological order of past scenes, and the already mentioned tab allows you to control how a camera behaves when you are at home or outside. There is also a more detailed processing section.

It also supports integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, ensuring that you do not need to use your smartphone to review camera footage; You can also use a compatible smart display. Arlo does not currently support Homekit, but this means that you can use the camera in some home automations.

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