BaByliss 9000 Cordless Hot Brush review in 2022

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Having the best hair dryer can go a long way in creating the perfect design for a home salon. However, there is nothing more frustrating than having to spend hours on the outside scalp and the weather just ruining your style to perfect your hair.

Whether it is rain, humidity or wind, the element can quickly turn weak, so it is not surprising that wireless hairstylists are entering the market. Powered by a rechargeable battery, they are small enough to slip in your bag and are lightweight, ensuring that you can recreate your design in a matter of minutes if the weather plans to ruin it.

This cordless hot brush works like a hair dryer and barrel brush, creating heat at the roots, ensuring that the strands are smooth, and using heat to style the hair. The hot brush has a 30mm barrel and included three change temperature settings.
BaByliss says the battery lasts up to 40 minutes on a single charge and takes about three minutes to charge. The hot brush also comes with thermal protective gloves and a mat, so you can protect your hands and surface when using the hot brush.
At 180, this is one of the most expensive hot brushes on the market. However, for those who need the flexibility that such a wireless model provides, it is worth investing in.

BaByliss 9000 Wireless Hot Brush Price and Availability

The BaByliss 9000 Cordless Hot Brush is priced at 180 and is available directly from BaByliss in the UK as well as through retailers such as John Lewis, ebay, Amazon, Argos, and Currently, it is not available in the US or Australia.
It is the most expensive hot brush in BaByliss’s product range; However, this is part of a rechargeable battery, which is more expensive than mains-powered designer devices. If you are on a tight budget, consider the BaByliss Sheer Volume Hot Brush,

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  • 30 mm. The barrel
  • Three temperature settings
  • Includes heat-protective mats and gloves

The BaByliss 9000 Cordless Hot Brush is relatively thin for a hot and measures 34.5 x 6 x 4.5cm (h x w x d), making it one of the best other brush longest cordless hair styling tools we’ve tested. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it weighs 441 grams, slightly heavier than the main-powered heated styler.

The device best features a shiny black color handle with a pink gold color accent and the top of the hot brush is a 30mm ceramic barrel covered in plastic fiber.In use, the device mimics the effects created when using a hair dryer and barrel brush to style your hair. Offering three different temperature settings – 160 C, 170 C and 180 C – it is suitable for thin as well as thick hair. Once the styler is activated, select the desired heat level by pressing the power button. An LED ring around the power button glows green, yellow or orange to indicate battery level.

At the bottom of the hot brush, you can find a port for the charging cable. BaByliss says the battery lasts up to 40 minutes before the juice runs out and takes about three hours to recharge. The BaByliss 9000 Cordless Hot Brush comes with a case, for those occasions you need to carry it, heat resistant gloves and a mat for your hands and surface protection.


  • The temperature is fast approaching
  • The left hair looks shiny and shiny
  • Improper length

The BaByliss 9000 wireless hot brush is extremely simple to use. Press the power button for a couple of seconds and you will hear a sound to indicate that it is activated. It begins to heat up to 160ºC; To select a hot temperature, press the power button once or twice for the other two options.

When the hot brush is activated, the LED ring around the power button glows green and three small LEDs above it indicate the selected temperature. When the hot brush heats up, the corresponding LED glows white for the selected temperature and glows solidly when the desired temperature is reached. On testing, we found that it took 43 seconds to reach 160ºC. 50 seconds to reach 170ºC and 55 seconds to reach a maximum temperature of 180 degrees.

We used the BaByliss 9000 Wireless Hot Brush on our fine, slightly longer than the shoulder-length hair comb to test performance. We were able to part the hair the way we do when it dries and style it in about three minutes. The hot brush ran smoothly through our hair and created a smooth finish with very few flying strands. Gave the hair a shiny and healthy look. Unfortunately, the hairstyle did not last all day, but it was more of a reflection of fine hair than the performance of a hot brush.

The hot brush felt balanced and was easy to use on both hands, but we found the tool a bit longer. This made it a bit harder to use and also meant that the device would not be flat on the bottom of our handbag.
We were amazed at the inclusion of heat resistant gloves and a mat in the box to protect your hands and surface when in use.

Battery life

  • The battery lasts up to 40 minutes between charges
  • It takes about 3 hours to fully recharge
  • No clear battery level

BaByliss says that the 9000 wireless hot brush has a battery life of 40 minutes. Throughout the test we overused the hot brush and found that we were able to style the hair four times and make a few touches before recharging.

Note that this hot brush also includes a convenient automatic deactivation feature, if you do not use the hot brush for five minutes, it will go into hibernation mode and reduce the temperature to 120ºC to protect the battery life; Press the power button to wake up the styler from sleep mode. However, we were disappointed that there was no clear battery life indicator. Instead, we had to rely on LEDs around the red, yellow or green power button to measure the remaining battery life.

Should I Buy a BaByliss 9000 Wireless Hot Brush?

Buy now.

  • You will need a hot brush to use on the go

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Hot Brush is perfect for those who want to slip in their bag with a hot brush for a touch of fashion all day long.

  • You try to dry your hair with a brush

If you are trying to dry your hair with a barrel brush, using this hot brush after the hair has dried is simple to master and gives the same effect.

  • You need a stylish device

The shiny black handle and pink gold accent on the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Hot Brush means it’s one of the most stylish hair care products we’ve ever seen.

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