BetaFPV Cetus pro Kit Best Review in 2022

learn how to fly FPV drones with the BetaFPV Cetus pro kit, which includes everything you want to get began inside the exciting world of first-person drones.

With a low cost and a complete kit with everything you want to get started, the BetaFPV Cetus pro kit provides a low-risk entry point to learning how to fly FPV drones compared to more expensive models.

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everything is protected first of all the FPV flight

Does now not shoot video or photos

offers basic security features

Now not suitable for windy conditions

The controller can be used with FPV VR

Battery lifestyles is short

FPV (First person View) drones just like the BetaFPV Cetus pro are taking the drone global via storm thanks to the dynamic and immersive video footage they can seize. lamentably the problems with FPV drones are that they’re historically self-built with out a electronics understanding required, and are difficult to fly. models are getting increasingly available that may be without problems set up without the need for soldering, but the difficulty of flying remains.

Professionals say studying to fly an FPV drone in Acro Mode takes 50 or more flight hours, and the risk of crashing, damaging and losing your drone is extremely high within the early days; no longer ideal when you’ve spent loads of dollars/pounds on the drone and a few more at the camera to capture 4K video footage.

Main specifications

Weight        : 1.61oz / 45.8g (including battery)

Dimensions : 117 × 117 × 35 mm

Battery         : BT2.0 450 mAh LiPo 1S 30C / up to 5 min

Charging type : BT2.0 USB battery charger and voltage tester

Modes         : Normal, Sport, Slow, Mid, Manual with fast speeds

Video transmission range  : up to 80 meters

Video Resolution :  high Resolution

Safety Features : Visual Flow / Barometer / Laser (Normal Flight Mode Only)

BetaFPV Cetus pro Kit : Design

  • Small and light
  • Includes controller and goggles
  • Built to withstand crashes

BetaFPV Cetus pro Brushless Quadcopter, as the name suggests, uses brushless motors to power the four propellers and these are extra powerful than brushed motors. The drone measures 117×117×35mm in the palm of your hand and weighs an incredibly light 33.1 grams. The batteries weigh 12.7 grams, so the mixed takeoff weight is 45.8 grams.

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the hoop Drone airframe is made of PA12 plastic with propeller guards hooked up round and below the propellers, along with the light-weight and small size means the drone can be safely flown each indoors and outdoors. This is ideal because you regularly crash while studying.

The kit also comes with the LiteRadio 2SE transmitter, a simple but perfectly usable FPV controller ideal for the Cetus. The controller affords 100mw transmission power with a 2.4G built-in and supports numerous protocols, so it could also be used with other FPV drones. Plus, a  1000mAh battery provides masses of rate for flights between fees. In terms of controls, you get  control sticks with an on/off button and 4 switches on the topbuilt of the controller. those are not classified but you could easily built-in what they do and show the settbuiltgs of the goggles.

The VR02 FPV Goggles, like the controller, are very primary and boxbuilt typebuilt, however they provide a goodbuilt video feed from the drone’s FPV camera. there is some distortion built-in the picture but this is common even with high-priced glasses. there’s no DVR that lets you record video feed, however that’s now not the give up of the world when you consider that this kit is for built-inintegrated to fly. despite the fact that folks whointegrated put on glasses want to use touch lenses with the VR02 FPV Goggles or expensive goggles with dioptre adjustment/control.

BetaFPV Cetus pro Review: Functionality

  • Three flight modes and speed
  • Turtle mode flips the drone upside down
  • Optical flow localization in normal mode
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The beauty of the BetaFPV Cetus pro is that it offers 3 flight modes that let you building up to manual/Acro mode over time as your flying skills enhance. normal mode is the perfect to fly and the only you should begin with. This mode uses optical float sensors to assist the drone navigate and position itself when the control sticks are focused. it’s now not as top as GPS positioning with camera drones, however it makes retaining the drone inside the air easier than the other two flight modes.

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sport mode is similar to angle mode on a complete-featured FPV drone where the angle of the drone roll and pitch is fixed at an angle and with the Cetus pro this is restricted so it cannot roll or roll manually. Acro mode, and when the orientation is released the drone will stage back up. you have to regulate the throttle with the left control stick, which takes practice, and the optical flow sensors are disabled since they’re in manual mode.

manual Mode, frequently called Acro Mode, is the most difficult to fly because you need to regulate the throttle. you also have to alter the orientation as the drone can easily flip and roll and fly out of control on this mode. maintaining the drone within the air and flying it requires excellent skill. There also are 3 speed modes within each flight mode – slow, medium and Speed – so that you can choose the only that best suits your flying ability, but this will be slow for most of the time.

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Flights last only 4-5 minutes, and the BetaFPV Cetus pro will automatically land whilst power is low. Turtle mode lets in you to remotely turn the drone if it crashes and flips upside down. it’s a neat task that helps you get again within the air quick and easily. One element to consider is that with one of these small and light drone, it is not perfect for flying in windy conditions, so if the drone begins drifting, the propellers will want to be disarmed to stop it. the sky whilst it is studying to fly normally, it is great to fly inside 20-30 meters at an altitude of no more than 10 meters, so this shouldn’t be a trouble.

overall, BetaFPV Cetus pro is a excellent tool for building the flight experience with modes that allow you to progress at your very own pace. what’s more, the LiteRadio 2SE transmitter may be used to control FPV simulators like Lift Off: Micro Drones on Mac and pc, that is excellent because you operate a actual controller in a virtual environment where you cannot crash your Cetus seasoned but can not fly. Physics is just like actual life. The drone, goggles and controller are also bundled together out of the box, so it is incredibly smooth to start flying.

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