Best Corsair ICUE RGB 5000X Review in 2021

While the size of the Corsair ICUE 5000x box is stunning, it actually feels like a spectacular sky-high view in all its massive and reflective glory. This computer case does not fit at all in appearance, and the first thing you think of after you struggle to remove it from the packaging is, “Wow, it’s a lot of glass.”

The case is incredibly heavy, but once laid on a table it is clear that the weight comes from four large glass panels that adorn the front, top and sides. The top and front panels can be easily removed and retained instead of strong magnetic screws or bolts. The front panel has gaps large enough to allow air to flow in and the bottom has a mesh cover (also kept with a magnet) and is good to know about those with pets. Let’s not forget the three ICUE SP RGB Elite fans who justify “RGB” in the name of the case.


Front: up to 360mm for radiators, or 3x 120mm / 2x 140mm fans

Top: up to 360mm for radiators, or 3x 120mm / 2x 140mm fans

Rear: 1x 120mm fan / radiator

Motherboard fan discs: 3x 120mm fans or 360mm radiators if you are confident

Maximum GPU length: 15 in

Maximum CPU cool height: 6.7 inches

Maximum PSU length: 8.8 inches

Fans included: 3x iCUE SP RGB Elite (120mm)

These fans immediately add an impressive amount of RGB capacity out of the box, all of which are easily connected to a PWM repeater and an RGB controller on the back of the motherboard tray. Talking about convenience, opening and closing the case is incredibly easy. The ICUE 5000x has two upper and lower screws on each side of the panel and is activated when not completely removed. Once the screws are removed, the boards are moved out of the case on a clever tip mechanism at the front edge. If the top and front are slightly more complicated to remove, this makes removal and rearrangement much easier and simpler.

There are plenty of accessories with the case. One of these is the alternative Commonwealth cover and we will not use it for later reasons. Three high quality Corsair Velcro straps have already been installed to hold the I / O and fan cables in the cable bar, but apparently it was not enough, so they included 12 more straps, which is always nice to have. A little reminder of how much Corsair cares.




Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB Mid-Tower ATX PC Smart Case

There are several internal pieces that need to be removed to clear the path for cable routing (cable strip, cable cover and motherboard fan mounting), which are screwed in various places in the case. The screws that hold the pile in place are not easy to find by eye and the manual that comes with the case is not easy to read, so proceed carefully and make sure all the screws are removed before attempting to remove the pieces.

The most troublesome part is the cable cover that covers the rubber grommet on the right side of the front of the motherboard; To reduce the size of the cable display. Moreover, after one construction in this case it seemed that the screws and bolts were slightly worn for it, which is a concern when considering future buildings outside the first building. It does not help to feel that these covers are quite smooth and flexible, so remember to keep a soft hand when removing and reconnecting them.

However, once all is removed, these problems quickly disappear. In fact, the motherboard is very easy to install and cable, and connecting the fans to the headers of the motherboard by the fan controller is a simple cable task. In a very short time the motherboard is completely screwed and wired.

Even with the motherboard installed, it’s amazing how much space there is in the case. Compared to everything else it seems pretty small, which is definitely not a bad thing! The cables (and their connectors) are easy to slip on the top, bottom, and clear of the motherboard, while the rubber grommet keeps them easy and strategic for your online enjoyment. Except for the removable interiors, it felt like everything about the Corsair build process was kept in mind.

Remember, there is a “motherboard device cover” on the back of the motherboard disk, which, for some reason, hides the area behind the PCB, where you will screw in the brackets for a CPU cooler. In this case, we are using the Hyper 212 EVO RGB Black Edition with the metal bracket you need to install it. Fortunately, this motherboard bracket is already installed as it is transferred from one computer to another. However, most people have not installed their cooler before and will work with a new motherboard. The process of removing an item cover seems like an annoyance to wrestle with other insiders. It looks like a bit of an unwanted device, especially considering it is pre-installed and you will need to remove it anyway.

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