Best Review of Amazon Fire HD8 Plus in 2021

Cheap Firefox is physically indistinguishable from HD8 Plus, providing a slightly faster but otherwise similar tablet experience. Wireless charging is the most important difference and the optional pool makes it a viable Echo Show option. The Plus is the best choice for owners of the 2018 version, but the standard model with a non-changing display and similar capabilities is an entertainment set that is equally capable for new Prime subscribers.

Amazon Fire tablets have always been designed to provide affordable portable entertainment for prime subscribers. But with the 2020 update, the company released two variants, throwing a curved ball into its mid-sized slide: the Fire HD8 and the Fire HD8 Plus.

Physically, the two tablets are identical. They are slightly shorter and tidier than before, have a uniform beard around the 8-inch display, and are housed in a repositioned front camera, which is now better positioned for landscape video calling. The Fire HD8 Plus is a different kind of rectangular slide that has a plastic back and feels well made.

The unchanged 1280 x 800 LCD panel will bring similar complaints to 2018. It lacks definition and clarity, and at low resolution, pixeling can be painful when playing or at high streams. Quality content.

The extra RAM provided by the Fire HD8 Plus should be faster than the standard variant. It is somewhat tolerable – especially when using the new game mode – but the normal performance is still not fast and only previous model owners can see the improvements. Limited by a weak processor, the interface has a significant delay in unlocking and navigating.

Fire OS is splitting more than ever. Built around the Amazon subscription ecosystem, the Android software puts the company’s content above all else, giving it valuable flexibility. If you are not a Prime subscriber, it will be incredibly limited – especially given the limited choice of third-party games and apps to download.

On the other hand, the show mode is particularly appealing on the Fire HD Plus because it works with the optional wireless charging pool.

Both new tablets have increased battery life, and now each has the ability to use a hybrid of approximately 12 hours. If you are a heavy athlete this value will drop and you will have longevity of up to a few days with occasional use.

So Fire HD8 Plus can be marketed by Amazon. It retains all of the weaker parts of the normal model – average screen quality, moderate performance, disappointing cameras – but divides the vote by adding speed and wireless charging support.

If you need an inexpensive portable entertainment device or your first Fire tablet, standard Fire HD 8 works well. If you need a more meaningful upgrade from the previous version or find it hard to justify spending more on the Plus, or if you intend to buy the wireless charging pool and use it as a part-time eco show. If you do, you can get a more flexible Android tablet at the cost of the whole package – so it only makes sense for those who are committed to Amazon services.


·         Shorter and wider than the 2018 model

·         USB-C and 3.5mm headphone port

·         The plastic back is strong

Physically, the Amazon Fire HD8 Plus is a standard model twin: a standard rectangle with a plastic back. It’s not a premium board and it doesn’t win awards for innovation, but the new generation Fire Tablet has a slightly more neat format factor than before.

At 202 x 137 x 9.7mm, the tablet is 12mm shorter and 9mm wider than the 2018 version. The black beard is almost invisible, but it is now even wider around the scene, giving the accessories a cleaner look.


·         8-inch LCD screen

·         1280 x 800 resolution similar to previous generation

·         Reflective glass limits outdoor visibility

·         Advertising

The display of the Amazon Fire HD8 Plus is similar to that of an 8-inch panel and can be found on its standard sibling or other sibling. Don’t be fooled by the name HD: Dimensions are best suited for a personal entertainment device, but the unchanged 1280 x 800 resolution now feels up to date.

The definition is moderate, with no particularly striking description when playing the game. The texture and edges are often noticeable and the pixels are noticeable. The videos are no better, and there is no clarity even on the home icons.

If you’re mostly using the Fire HD8 Plus to control your smart home, use Amazon music, or digest the latest Kindle release, a second tier screen can not be a hacker. But for those who are accustomed to broadcasting high-definition video content, a tablet with a full HD display is definitely better.

Specifications, performance and camera

·         2GHz Mediatek MT8168 processor, 3GB RAM

·         Not fast despite extra memory

·         2MP rear camera, 2MP front camera

It has 3GB of RAM, and the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus has more memory than any previous Fire Tablet – and 1GB more than the standard Fire HD 8. Unfortunately, the 2GHz processor paired with it is a budget chip.

It is significantly faster than the 2018 version and there are times when the added RAM gives better performance than the standard Fire HD 8 Plus. It supports the new game mode and disables Alexa, hides notifications and optimizes performance, while games like Real Racing 3 and SimCity BuildIt run fairly smoothly, and browsing between home screens and apps feels a little faster.

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