Best Review of Sony WH-CH510 Headset in 2021

Sony has done a great job of winning a name in the personal audio industry. In terms of noise cancellation and quality sound, both the WH-1000XM4 above the ear and the WF-1000XM4 above the ear are at the top of their class, but how do the Titanic brand budget audio products weigh in?

Looking at the Sony WH-CH510, it’s honestly crazy that wireless headphones can cost a little more, not to mention a pair with good sound, a USB-C port, and 35 hours of battery life. So, when reading this review, be sure to keep its price in mind when you feel its shortcomings or shortcomings (as we did).

Price and release date




Sony Wireless Headphones WH-CH510

No matter what region you are in, the WH-CH510 is an affordable tin kit. These wireless ear headphones are now available for purchase.


The first thing to note – these are headphones that have more ears than ears, which means that their cups stay on your ears and not around them. This makes them significantly more compact, but arguably less comfortable (it also affects the audio quality, but then it increases).

Aesthetically, there is not much to be said about these Sony cans, but their humble and simple appearance surprises their appeal to expand their appeal because of their permeability. They are available in interesting black, white or blue colors and their shape profile is as close to a ‘straight line with a circle at each end’ as you can get. Apart from the Sony logo on both cups, the other boom is a simple diamond lattice texture that covers most of the outside.

Perhaps the most obvious and striking reflection of the WH-CH510’s price point is its structural integrity. Plastic headbands, switch joints and ear cup housings do not feel rough at a distance and will remind us to recommend that they be “swept away” in your bag or treated rudely.

Headbands seem to have some flexibility, so it’s more forgiving than we can respect, but we did not want to push this theory too far. It does not bend any further to make a more compact package (although 90 cups flat and flat), but at least in this case a better value, we suspect it will be the first chance of failure.


For a control interface, these cans have a large three-button Spartan text that is easy to find, differentiate, and interact with. They are responsible for bypassing the usual play / pause, volume up / down, and next / next options but they also enable your device and voice partner.

For these purposes and for making calls there is an integrated microphone near these buttons, although it certainly can be serviced, but it is not the obvious option there.

The controller and microphone have the only port for USB-C charging (audio via USB does not support what we tested). We are unequivocally happy to see this future certified port use a budget product instead of Micro USB.

This Sony Can boasts a 35-hour running time, which amazes us, and if you are present, you can get 90 minutes worth of juice in 10 minutes of charging from the flat.

The lack of a 3.5mm headphone port and the lack of audio via USB means that you will not be unlucky if the battery fails when you go, but it can be met because of the impressive battery life and affordable cost.


As we have already mentioned, the existence of these headphones in the listening model means that you will not get the audio quality that most competitors offer. This is largely due to the fact that small cups do not create a solid seal and give a less sense of space.

That being said, it’s great that these Sony are still able to raise the bar despite their low price and limited form factor. We found the bass to be clear and present but certainly could not bear it. The higher frequencies dominated slightly more than we would have liked, and the Mids were also subdued, but the profile as a whole was pleasing.

They lack the sheer clarity, balance and sense of space that their WH-1000XM3 siblings boast of, and the sound of these ears certainly refutes their size and price. Although tracks with low mid and bump trials already can be exaggerated without embarrassment, you will find that many variants work well here.

In our test the Bluetooth 5.0 connection was never compromised and we had no trouble interfering or dropping. We do not have an application assistant to find, but we can not think of a need considering the inherent simplicity of the unit.

Final decision

If you are looking for headphones at this price point, you may already want to make some sacrifices. Thankfully, many of the compromises made with the Sony WH-CH510 were not decisive – the lack of analog input reflects the loss of the 3.5mm port on most modern smartphones, while the lightweight, plastic construction enhances their portability and comfort.

For those who play a significantly stronger or 3.5mm port, you may not be able to find an option in the wireless single price point, bragging about battery life and noise.

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