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Google Pixel Buds pro are at risk of flying below the radar, with the corporation’s other earbuds humbly merging into the supporting solid as flashy stars from Sony, Bose, Sennheiser and Cambridge Audio take the limelight in our best wi-fi ear buds and fine noise-cancelling earbuds roundups.

nicely, nobody can knock the Google Pixel Buds pro for useful and unexpected perks at the level: ANC, wearer detection, a dedicated app and multipoint generation with automated audio switching (so the Pixel Buds pro can live connected to two different gadgets simultaneously and switch easily among them), a 31-hour battery lifestyles when listening with out ANC activated and combined with the charging or With out Charging  

And the positive facet of our Google Pixels Buds pro review is that for noise cancellation and transparency profiles, we assume they are worth it. The on-device touch-controls work well and the in-app user experience (the bulk of our trying out is done using a Google Pixel 6 pro smartphone – please be aware that there’s no iOS app, iPhone users) is truely exciting too.

The flies inside the ointment for us issue none of those admirable features. Our problems are about a ways more simple requests. we like earbuds that in shape securely and sound good, and here there are notable problems with the Google Pixel Buds pro. Now, imagine looking to placed this into your ear vertically. this is the level of in shape we found right here, and despite Google telling us they suit very securely indeed, we beg to differ – although of route, other users may also sense differently with their ear shape.

ultimately even though, any set of wireless headphones lives and dies at the strength of its sound quality – and right here is our 2nd issue. We listened over a sequence of days and tried to glean the levels of detail, neutrality, energy and concord we know can be achieved at the extent, and found the Google Pixel Buds pro best of the class-leaders,

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Google’s Pixel Buds pro are available in 4 colorways – fog, charcoal, lemongrass and coral – but your preferred hue ornaments simply the touch-capacitive top plate of the driver housings.

The rest of each earpiece is black and the case is clean and white, with a robust hinge. it is an elegant aesthetic and feels worthy of the outlay.

Google has undercut the authentic price of the AirPods pro (which are officially $249 / £239 / AU$399) and Sony WF-1000XM4 (about the same charge officially) a fair bit here, and it’s a best decision that makes the Google Pixel Buds pro a competitively-priced alternative, given the feature-set. Having stated that, rate drops on those earbuds mean you can find them for around the same rate as the Pixel Buds pro’s launch fee, so it’s a extra competitive decision than it seems.

GOOGLE PIXEL BUDS Pro : Design and Features

The pebble-like case of the Google Pixel Buds seasoned feels sturdy and funky in our palms and the brushed plastic in no way collects fingerprint smudges. It expenses either wirelessly or through USB-C, although it’s crucial to be aware which you do no longer get a charging cable inside the field, which doesn’t exactly feel premium.

We downsize eartips (3 in total are provided) however struggle to get the Google Pixel Buds pro to fit securely in our ears. The shape is a bit like a tiny flip-top backpack or knapsack, and it doesn’t sense particularly well-weighted or ergonomic, although the neck of the buds is nicely slanted to angle into your ear canals.

despite our great attempts, that “ah, now they are secure” second alludes us. We really wouldn’t need to start dancing or to take a trapeze elegance… so for fit alone, the Google Pixel Buds pro won’t be becoming a member of our nice workout headphones manual – but then again, hitting the gym isn’t what they’re designed for.

as though challenging our reservations approximately the design, the Pixel Buds app on our Google Pixel 6 pro first of all runs through a 20-2nd fit test, telling us we exceeded with flying colors and our ‘earbuds sound excellent!’ we are not so sure…

This trouble apart, but, you’re getting lots of perks for the money. The touch controls are very good right here, and there’s on-ear volume control through swiping forward or back which works very well (something you won’t find at the AirPods pro, Apple fans) plus you can customize those in order that a long press at the left earbud is a physical way to summon Google Assistant, and the right scrolls between noise cancellation profiles.

call-handling is also a seamless experience and those on the other give up of the line file that our voice sounds clear, that is seemingly aided by the 3 mics per earpiece,

active Noise Cancellation? yes, it is good, as is transparency. You can’t tweak the levels of both similarly than ‘on’ or ‘off’, however this is acceptable here given the efficacy of each.

Google is also providing plenty of user-friendly functions here, including excellent-fast pairing in which the buds simply pop up on your home screen asking to be friends, ‘discover me’ functions, and that dedicated app and multipoint technology with automated audio switching so the Pixel Buds pro can live happily connected to 2 different gadgets and switch easily among them. We attempted it with the Google Pixel 6 pro, the Samsung Galaxy S21 or even an iPhone 8 with out a troubles in any respect,

And the battery lifestyles is pretty stellar. With ANC off, you may stand up to 11 hours of listening time from the buds, and as much as 31 hours total listening time with the charging case. With active noise cancellation on, you get up to seven hours of earbuds listening time and up to 20 hours of general listening time with the charging case – it truly is much higher from just the buds than the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 pro or AirPods pro, although is much less overall lifestyles than the AirPods pro give you.

moreover, a five-minute fee of earbuds inside the charging case delivers up to an hour of listening time with active Noise Cancellation on, and a fifteen-minute jolt of juice with the earbuds in the charging case provides up to a few hours of listening with active Noise Cancellation on.


Google launched its original Pixel Buds again in 2020 and followed them with the more less expensive Google Pixel Buds A-series. And the headline is that, even after just a few hours of listening, the sound great while paying attention to tune is an improvement over Google’s preceding efforts. but it is in which the praise curtails.

every Google Pixel Buds seasoned earbud houses a incredibly massive 11mm dynamic driver, which should bode well for a skilled performance. however, from the very outset of our checking out (having run them in absolutely, you apprehend) we become aware of numerous shortcomings in terms of the sonic performance.

while taking note of The Waterboy’s this is the sea on a remastered Tidal file, we are missing the sense of growing dynamic build at the top of the track. This track is supposed to construct from slightly perceptible key progressions, as if starting within the distance, and right here the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus truly outdoes the Google product despite being a lot cheaper, celebrating shakers and inflections in Mike Scott’s vocal in the manner the Pixel Buds pro cannot.

The album that is the sea continues to The Pan within, and violins, keys and exchange vocal harmonies are alluded to via the Pixel Buds pro, but they may be not able to shine fully inside what is a slightly compressed-sounding blend overall. As an electric guitar holds down a low riff, we also become aware that the music is not as impactful, grippy or weighty via the bass registers because it need to be either.

We deploy ‘HD audio’ at some point of our testing (which is defined as AAC audio codec, ie. better than MP3 but still lossy, and it’s the great you may get here) however across the course of our listening the clarity thru the leading edges of notes is not what we would desire for at this level.


The Google Pixel Buds pro appearance sharp and they p.c. lots in for the price tag. The ANC is dependable and in case you’re a Pixel smartphone owner the intuitive features and app aid cause them to a viable proposition. Oh, and the battery-life is notable for the level.

but if you prioritize sound-in keeping with-pound cost notably else in true wi-fi earbuds, you will want to appearance to even less expensive options together with the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus or, if they are to be had in your region,

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