GoPro Hero 10 Black Review 2021

Two-minute review

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is the latest in a series of long-running Hero action cameras dating back to 2005. It’s the most polished, powerful GoPro ever, thanks to its new GP2 processor, but only a relatively minor upgrade. Its Hero 9 Black predecessor.

As always Goproos makes a big leap forward: GoPro Hero 5 Black is waterproof without a case and Hero 7 Black introduced Hyper Smooth stabilization. Despite its important name, the Hero 10 Black is not one of those models. Many of the new features we’ve seen in Hero 9 Black refine (and fix) it, spray new shooting modes and make the most of it.

The Hero 10 Black is built around a 23MP 1 / 2.3-inch sensor similar to its predecessor and is waterproof up to 10 meters, but its new GP2 processor unlocks its new capabilities. Among them are several new shooting modes, including the new 5K / 60p, 4K / 120p and 2.7K / 240p options. The last two are fun, slow events that are perfect for social media cut scenes or B-cam scenes, especially the revamped Quick app in GoPro, which will make some edits happy for you.

Other enhancements include a more responsive touch interface (Hero 9 Black dropped here), a newer wired data transfer mode for phones, and improved image quality, including local tone mapping and low light noise enhancement. low. As a result, there have been some minor improvements in video quality, but the Hero 10 Black still does a lot with the relatively small image sensor.

GoPro Hero 10 Black Price




GoPro HERO 10 Black - Waterproof Action Camera 


GoPro Hero 10 Black can be purchased for $ 399 / £ 379 / AU $ 599.95 or $ 499 / £ 479 / AU $ 749.95 if you sign up for a GoPro subscription.

Since you are not obligated to renew the subscription, it may be the best way for most people to buy Hero 10 Black. The GoPro subscription includes full quality unlimited cloud storage for videos and photos, automatic uploads, full access to the Quik app editing tools, 50% off all devices (up to 10 years), live streaming support and replacement broken camera (for a fee). , Depending on the camera.


The new hard lens is covered with a water repellent coating

The rear touch screen and menu are more responsive

Or physically Hero 9 is similar to Black

The GoPro Hero 10 Black, physically, is similar to its predecessor. The only external difference between the Hero 9 and Black is the new front and side blue trim.

However, GoPro has made some subtle changes and the biggest thing for water sports fans is the new lens cover. This now has a water repellent coating, which is really functional – we drove the Hero 10 Black and its predecessor under the tap, and the new lens cover was significantly better at repelling water, leaving water droplets to blur your vision Not at all.

This lens cover seems to have more abrasion resistance, which was tricky to test our credit sample – but after landing a GoPro heavy zip line mounted on our head, an unplanned test took place while resting on a few pieces of jade wood. Without clear markings on the lens. Like the Hero 9 Black, this lens cover can also be removed and replaced with a direct blow from an aerosol palette or in case of severe damage if you need to add ND (including neutrality) filters.

The Hero 10 Black is actually 5g lighter than its predecessor, but while we can not say for sure where the GoPro has saved this weight, it does not bring any practical benefits anyway. As before, the base of the camera is bent with the ‘fingers’ on its base for mounting on the device. These first appeared on the Hero 8 Black, which means you don’t have to move around with extra housing to mount the camera on your helmet.

If you do not know about Hero 9 Black, here is a quick update on other design features inherited from Hero 10 Black. Vlogger has a 1.4-inch front LCD, which GoPro says is now slightly smoother in motion than before, thanks to the higher frame rates enabled by its GP2 processor (and more later). No matter how small this screen was, we honestly could not tell the difference from its predecessor.

The enhanced 2.27-inch rear touch screen stands out the most. Again, GoPro says this “enhances touch sensitivity” but the real difference is the power of the GP2 processor. The slow, unresponsive rear screen on the Hero 9 Black was our biggest criticism of that model, and although it was improved by a recent firmware fit, it was nowhere near as good as the Hero 10 touchscreen.


  • 23.6MP, 9 / 2.3-inch sensor like Hero 9 Black
  • The new GP2 processor locks a significant thrust for shooting modes
  • Live streaming is now possible with HyperSmooth stabilization

Last year GoPro Hero 9 Black introduced a new image sensor. It was the same size sensor as the previous GoPros (1 / 2.3 inch), but the high-resolution camera was the first GoPro to shoot 4K video. The Hero 10 Black has the same image sensor, but it is paired with a new GP2 processor that opens up some new capabilities.

What are these improvements? Along with the aforementioned start times and increased touchscreen performance, there are also useful new frame-rate modes that make it a more versatile action camera. You can see a summary of the new models in the table below, but especially fun are the slower options — including the long-awaited 4K / 120p model.

  • P2 Improvements: Hero 10 Black vs Hero 9 Black
  • GoPro Hero 10 Black GoPro Hero 9 Black
  • Video (up to) 5.3K / 60p 5K / 30p
  • Video (up to) 4K / 120p 4K / 60p
  • Video (up to) 2.7K / 240p 2.7K / 120p
  • Photo (up) 23MP 20MP
  • Stabilization HyperSmooth 4.0 HyperSmooth 3.0
  • The frame gets 5MP 4: 3 video from 12MP to 19.6MP from 4K 4: 3 video

Headline video enhancements are those high frame rate modes, but there are other enhancements as well. GoPro is tinkering with some algorithms, and its GP2 chip brings HDR processing technology – local tone mapping – to enhance the dynamic range from its photo mode to video.

Theoretically, this enhances the contrast of specific areas of the video (not globally but across the entire frame) to bring out a more detailed texture. In a similar vein, GoPro says it has improved its ‘3D noise reduction to enhance the low-light performance of the Hero 10 Black in darker scenes (think forest, evening, or your home).


Unchanging battery life means spare parts are worth carrying

The microphones on the Hero 9 Black are similar

The new slo-mo mode is a bonus for cut scenes

The Hero 10 Black’s GP2 processor makes it a more polished, fun camera to use than its predecessor, and some aspects of its functionality are still the same as the standard GoPro.

Unfortunately, one of these is battery life and overheating. The 10 Black has the same battery as the Hero 9 Black, which is larger at 1720mAh than all previous Gopfros batteries. But much of that capacity is being wiped out by the much-sought-after dual-screen and high-frame ratio models of the Hero 10 Black.

In our battery test, the camera-enabled Hypersmooth to shoot a continuous 4K / 30p clip and when the screen brightness was 50%, we were able to get 72 minutes of recording from Hero 10 which included two pauses for overheating. . Down under pressure.

Video and image quality

Made some changes to the default video settings on the GoPro Hero 10 Black. The action camera maker seems to have surpassed the signature saturated look it had in the past but instead goes for a more natural design outside the box.

Of course, now there are three color settings to choose from. Previously you had an option for a ‘GoPro’ color profile (which produces a sharp, dark color) and a ‘flat’ one that you can rate later. But now there is an extra ‘natural’ profile, which is the new default and we are big fans of it.

If so, buy it

You want the most polished, multi-purpose GoPro

The Hero 10 Black is not an occasional earthquake by GoPros, but it is a more sensible step than its predecessor. Its touch screen and overall usability have been significantly improved and the new video frame ratios make it a great social media worker.

You enjoy slow-mo video shooting

While there have been minor improvements to the video quality of the Hero 10 Black, the most amusing improvements are its new slow-mo frame ratios. The 4K / 120p model, in particular, is best suited for shooting cut scenes or family outings, which is a major advantage over the rest of the GoPro family.

You need a solid, waterproof vlogging camera

If you like to shoot a lot of videos with the camera and like to travel in bad weather or muddy places, Hero 10 Black may be your best vlogging companion. Its front screen is useful for shooting and has a media mode hand to give access to a high quality microphone.

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