Juniper Mobile Think Desk Review in 2022

Sitting at an office desk all day can adversely affect your health, especially if you use an old and uncomfortable office chair. For this reason, many people are drawn to standing tables, which allow you to easily adjustable your desk from a sitting position to a standing position by touching an electric name button or pulling a lever if you use it.

A stationary Juniper Mobile Think Desk gives you more flexibility throughout your working day, including molds on the Mobile Think Desk from Juniper Office. With wheels at the foot of your desk, you can easily reposition your home workspace without having to roll it around a large office or ask a friend to help you move it.

Today we take a closer look at the Mobile Think Desk design, build quality, assembly process, features and usability, helping you decide whether it is the right upgrade to work from your home, or even to decorate your entire office. That all your employees can benefit from the health benefits of using a fixed desk

Pricing and availability

Juniper Mobile Think Desk sells versions of this electronic fixed desk on its website, the primary being the thinking table starting at $ 644 and the second being the mobile suppose desk starting at $ 859.

anything desktop you select, there are some of the configurations ranging from 24 x 48 inches in width to 30 inches to 72 inches. As for the floor finish, you can select among dark brown shades of elm, electric-powered white, sonic maple, and white oak, and the legs and body are available in black, grey, and white.

Juniper think desk sells an optionally available desktop power module desk for $ 78 to add to the top of the desk, in addition to a cable tray for $ 84 and a personal storage drawer under the desk for $ 141.

it is written that Juniper gives bulk discounts for businesses that want to provide multiple places of work or locations, however, you’ll want to contact the organization at once for a quote. From its website, we will see that a number of massive businesses, including PepsiCo, GameStop and RE / MAX, as well as government and non-profit businesses consisting of the YMCA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs have all turned. To Juniper to decorate their offices.


Juniper Mobile Think Desk is a 1-inch-thick desktop made of melamine, a thermal fuse with a 3mm thick PVC edgeband to protect the edges of the table in everyday use. There are also two 2 inch grommets on either side of the table that allow you to run the cables discreetly. The maximum load capacity of the Mobile Think Desk is 152 pounds (68.9kg) while the Think Desk’s load capacity is 220 pounds (99.7kg).

A control panel on the right side of the table allows you to lower the table to 31.5 inches or increase the maximum height to 49 inches. There are four preset buttons that allow you to store the heights you prefer sitting and standing. There are also touch capacitor buttons that vibrate when the control panel is pressed.

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A metal frame runs across the underside of the back of the table and rests on both sides of the control box as well as the L-shaped legs. Both legs have their own motors that are connected to the control box and when activated, the table noise level drops below 58 dB.


The Juniper Mobile Think Desk, which was sent to TechRadar Pro for review, came in four boxes. The desktop, cable management tray, and molding machine were all housed in separate compartments, with the frame and legs wrapped in plastic wrap around the box to protect it during shipping.

The Juniper Mobile Think Desk includes two Allen keys and two bolts and screws to hold the table together, as this is a commercial product and you will also need a power drill to attach the desktop to the frame.

The assembly of the mobile think desk begins by inserting both legs into the frame and attaching the two parts on either side using the bolts provided.

The final step in assembling the table is to secure the control unit to the front edge of the table. Here you need to connect it to the control box and put all the wires connecting the two legs in order.

Overall, adding the Juniper Mobile Think Desk was a fairly simple process. However, securing the frame to the desktop took a little longer than usual due to the large number of wood screws that needed to be installed.

In use

After we finished assembling the Juniper Think mobile desk, we first tested it using a mini-model computer, an ultraviolet monitor from LG, a mechanical keyboard and an MX Ergo mouse from Logitech. The table gave ample space for all our accessories and the grommet on either side made it easy to run the cables in order.

Using the control panel mounted at the bottom right of the table, we were able to easily program our preferred sitting and standing postures. To set the table to the correct height we first had to touch and hold the buttons, and finally, we figured out how to set up a one-touch operation using the control panel. To program the control panel to use one-touch activation, you must first press and hold the “S” button for five seconds or until it illuminates.You can then use the up or down buttons to toggle between the two settings and hold down the “2” button for two seconds to confirm your choice.

Putting this little hassle aside, we really enjoyed our time checking out the Mobile Desk. There was a noticeable motor murmur, which was never distracted in use, and in ten seconds the table rose from its lowest to its highest height.


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