Nexar Beam the Best Dash Cam in 2022

Nexar Beam Review

If you’re looking for a car front best dashcam that’s pretty simple to set up, then the Nexar Beam is a best choice for you. It’s low and best priced, too, and has the added advantage of being able to keep all of your video clips saved within the cloud, without charge.

In terms of specs, the Nexar Beam also functions a totally decent range of functions and capabilities. It’ll capture 1080p full HD video while the GPS functionality provides a touch more meat at the bones of this compact camera. There’s a 135-degree discipline of view from the lens, plus lots of cable, and all the fixtures and fittings had to stand up and running.

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better still, Nexar knows a factor or about dash cams, so getting yourself kitted out with this type of means you’ll be getting access to a nicely-proven recording format that shouldn’t help you down. With more of us opting to have on-board video recording in the car, the Nexar Beam makes an excellent entry-degree model to head for. Of course, Nexar has greater advanced fashions to head for in case you want more recording muscle, just like the Nexar pro dash cam we’ve also looked at recently.

Sticking with the newbie friendly Nexar Beam, though, things get off to an excellent begin as you lift it out of the box for the primary time. This isn’t going to win any awards at the layout front and what you spot is what you get. The Nexar Beam appears alternatively like a boxy budget action camera, with little in the manner of frills. There’s no rear display screen, but other than that everything is where it should be. you may also pop in your own microSD card in case you need beefier storage.

You get an impressively long 3-meter length connection cable, which connects from the camera and runs back for your in-car power socket. There’s even a tool supplied, so you can push the cable in behind the headliner or door pillars for a much less intrusive, out-of-the-way look. every other key component of the package is the GPS mount, which boasts a suction pad that helps you get the camera into position for your windscreen and ensure it stays that way. this will also be un-suctioned and moved in case you want to interchange it to any other vehicle, or are not satisfied with the present day position.

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setting up the Nexar Beam may be very straightforward. 3 leaflets inside the box explain the steps and offer tips on how to excellent-tune the system to fit your needs. You’ll need to download the Nexar app, both for iOS or Android and choose the putting alternatives as prompted. This consists of how lots area for recording is allotted on your smartphone. There are also visual direction videos on how to fit the camera and GPS mount, as well as plugin inside the cable. The plug cease for your power socket inside the car additionally has a spare USB socket for plugging into your smartphone, that’s available as power gets sapped during camera activity.

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After pairing the camera with your cellphone, you’re ready to move. Usefully, the camera shows an expansion of various color indicators depending on its reputation. A steady green light indicates it’s on and active. Blinking crimson means it is upgrading. A constant purple light highlights a technical problem, whilst the blinking blue indicator way it wishes to be paired for your cellphone again. meanwhile, a regular blue light method the dash cam and your phone are paired.

The Nexar best and the automated upload of captured video to your free cloud storage. However, whilst the whole lot works well enough, after you’ve got it set up the recording process seems a bit disjointed. It took us a little bit of practice to work out while recording became taking place, and how to find the respective clips in our online account. when you get your head around it, although, the procedure is tons easier.

As for the great of the recordings, we were happy with the general look of the video. The camera works properly in all kinds of conditions too, with amazing results recorded at dusk and into the night.

The Nexar Beam also copes nicely in harsh early morning light, direct sunshine and inclement weather too. It’s a solid all-rounder in that respect, while the resolution is more than ideal and can be used without worry in the event of any incidents. The associated time and date information is likewise truly displayed.
You’ll need to maintain your phone plugged into the electricity, even though, as wi-fi and Bluetooth can sap the battery as the camera interacts with your device.

but, the potential to capture GPS data, that is presented in a map of your path on the app or in the cloud space (below) is a neat supplement to the normally amazing video on offer.

purchase it if …

You want reassuring evidence

The Beam’s captured video is backed up with GPS data along with a map of your route, which can prove beneficial within the occasion of an accident or an incident that want visual proof of exactly what happened.

You need free cloud storage

The Nexar Beam dash cam comes with the distinct advantage of free cloud backup to your video photos, which may be accessed online on your own private account. It’s excellent for lowering the need for storage to your phone.

You’re satisfied to self-set up

There’s a little little bit of effort involved in getting the Nexar Beam up and running, from installing the app and configuring it via to plumbing in the cable. Be prepared to take some time, but it’s smooth enough.

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