Razer Blade 14 Laptop Best review Got the Best Gaming Experience

The razor blade has always been an Intel laptop. Every time a new model or freshness hits the market, it has the best that Intel can offer. Every time Razor puts on a new blade, someone asks if they’re going to make an AMD Raison version.
It has finally happened. Not on the Razor Blade 15, but on the latest version of the best gaming computer on earth today. Or, the return of the razor blade 14. It’s a little small but no less powerful.
Especially for a Razr laptop, the boot configuration is not a bad deal and the RTX 3060 is the perfect companion for that 144Hz display. Even on the high end, the RTX 3080 with this gorgeous QHD display for $ 2,799 is competitively priced with other gaming laptops – especially when you consider the portable bonus.
Don’t get us wrong, it’s still a premium price that Razor will ask you to pay, but we’ve seen green-themed companies ask for much more in the past for less than that. This laptop is a really good deal when you are in the market on the luxury side of certain things.




Razer Blade 14 Laptop 



Here is the Razer Blade 14 configuration sent to TechRadar for review:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX (8 cores, 16MB cache, up to 4.6GHz Turbo)

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080

RAM: 16GB DDR4-3200

Screen: 14-inch 1440p IPS, 165Hz

Storage: 1TB SSD

Optical drive: N / A

Ports: 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, 1 x combo 3.5mm Audio, 1 x HDMI 2.1, 1 x Kensington lock

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2

Camera: HD Webcam

Weight: 3.92lbs (1.78kg)

Size: 12.59 x 8.66 x 0.66 inches (319.7 x 220 x 16.8mm; W x D x H)

Razor Blade 14 basically looks like Razor Blade 15, but smaller. It has the same black profile and its black aluminum chassis bears the signature with the bright green razor logo on the back of the laptop. Yes, the logo lights up.
Despite the slightly smaller chassis, the speakers on both sides of the keyboard are still there, making it look like a MacBook again. However, unlike the Blade 14, the power button is not strangely placed in the middle of a speaker grill, and instead, there is a dedicated power button in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

The keyboard is very similar to what you would find with another razor blade, although a few keys, especially the ‘~’ and ‘\’ keys, have been cut off and are now very narrow. They are not the keys we use most often, but if for some reason you want to use them often, it’s something to be aware of.

The chassis is 0.66 inches thick and the laptop weighs 3.92 pounds. It’s definitely not the lightest laptop we’ve used, but with the beautifully crafted aluminum unibody chassis, it still does quite a job and is definitely something you can easily carry in your bag.

However, when you look at light bricks, some of the innovations of light construction are lost. Because of the power of the Razr Blade 14, you can’t escape the USB-C charge like ultrasonic laptops. That means there are charging bricks and it definitely adds a lot to you to deal with, even on the lighter side. You can still get power from USB-C, but that’s not enough to keep the power on in gaming.

This is an incredibly thin gaming computer, and there are still a large number of ports. The laptop has a USB 3.2 Gen 2 C port on the left and right sides, as well as a USB-A port. The laptop also has an HDMI port on the right side and a Kensington lock. Then, on the left you have a special charging port and a combo 3.5mm audio jack. On this portable laptop, having so many of these ports is definitely a win-win and most people don’t have to drag around the dongle.

You can update Razor Blade 14 yourself – anywhere. Both SSD and Wi-Fi cards are easily accessible, but RAM is not. Often a laptop computer shrinks to size, but it’s still a shame. To open the case, there are only 10 tox screws, and then you have to remove them from the bottom of the panel. We had to use a tool to remove it, but your miles may vary.
All of this is combined to create a comfortable laptop that is simply portable but easy to use. The keyboard, some parts are compressed and is very comfortable with the correct key movement and spacing. Some players may want to go with a mechanical keyboard instead, but again there are plenty of ports.

Not surprisingly, Razor was also pulled out of the trackpad park. The pursuit is correct and it feels good to the touch. Clicking carelessly is as satisfying and tactful as any other Windows laptop. Again, you will most likely use a more dedicated gaming mouse than a trackpad in gaming, but as you work from the side, it is a pleasure to have a trackpad that does not absorb.

The specialty here is definitely the show. While Razor is getting better and better at laptop displays, the Blade 14 is one of the most beautiful gaming laptop displays on the market right now. Fast refresh displays will often cut corners when it comes to color accuracy or brightness, but you get 111% full coverage of the sRGB spectrum as well as an average brightness of 332.
It’s not a MacBook Pro display, but when it comes to gaming laptops, it’s fastest at 165Hz and maybe the closest you’d get.


This is because the RTX 3080 in this laptop is rated at 100W with a maximum power of 165W. That is, the Alienware m17 R4 can. In practice, this means that Razor Blade 14 is about 30% slower than the alien software m17, while Razr’s Ultrasonics 1080p and Ultra settings have a 34% slower output.

Of course, the razor blade 14 is much smaller than the alien software m17, so you shouldn’t really be surprised, it won’t get you full horsepower. But you should be aware of that because both of these laptops have RTX 3080 but they are definitely not the same and have completely different power profiles.

Fortunately, the Razr Blade 14 also has the AMD Raison 9 5900HX, which is more powerful than ever. With this CPU, Blade 14 definitely wipes the floor with the Alienware m17, up 11,690 points on the Cinebench R23 to 8,992 points on the Alienware. This makes the Razor Blade 14 a good fit for any creative professional on the road, as it will easily run any Adobe project you throw at it – we hope you can add more RAM to your laptop.

This does not mean that the razor blade 14 is not powerful enough. With this laptop, you will not get the full power of the RTX 3080, but for this small device, it is still incredibly powerful. All the games we normally play on it can still do more than 60 fps. You have to realize that you are leaving a little performance for the lightweight design.

Camera and microphone

The camera on the Razor Blade 14 is good enough, but it’s not going to distract viewers or do anything with the stream. It’s 720p and supports Windows Hello, but it’s a bit dull. In video calls, we see the camera behind the mic.

The mic is awesome. Our mouths look good and clear, and you can make a call with someone without getting your voice off your mic. It’s still not a substitute for holding a PC gaming headset, but you can’t go wrong with quick zoom calls.


Despite the large number of gaming laptops that are starting to break the 8-hour battery life barrier, the Razr Blade 14 is not one of them. The PCMark10 battery test, which mimics the real-life load of word processing and video calling, lasted 14 hours, 7 hours, and 31 minutes. In our video background test, it lasts even shorter, where it dies in 6 hours and 31 minutes.

For a gaming computer, it’s definitely not bad, it’s not so long ago if you’re lucky you can expect about 3 hours. But considering how portable the Razor Blade 14 is, you will want to use it out of the charger. You will still be able to do some work, but you will still have to pack a charger with you.

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