Review of the Hisense U8G Android TV (65U8G)

Whether you are a hard-sighted player, a cinephile or someone looking for a valuable 4K TV, the Hisense U8G offers a lot for everyone.

Hisense has spent the past few years building outstanding TV sets that have large dogs like Samsung, Sony and LG, such as Hisense USG ULED 8K TV, suppressed without much compromise. It continues with the new Hisense U8G ULED, aptly described by the Chinese electronics manufacturer as “great in everything”. It’s a fitting description for ULED 4K Android TV and is sure to delight the next generation of consoles, from gamers to movie lovers and anyone in between.

In addition to offering a set of Dolby features including Vision, IQ and Atmos, the U8G packs HDR 10+ and a native 120Hz panel. All of this is controlled via the Android TV operating system, which includes both Google Support, built-in in Chromecast, and a private switch with voice controls.

That said, if you plan to buy a full-fledged well-rounded UHD TV without spending a fortune, you should definitely keep in mind the U8G.

Price and availability




Hisense U8G Android TV

The Hisense U8G screen is available in two sizes – 55-inch and 65-inch – both now available from major retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy. Expect to pay $ 999 for 55 inches and $ 1,249 for an extra ten inches of visible real estate.


Many people have praised Hisense recent shows for their innovative design, and it will probably go even further with the U8G: the legs are slightly extended to the sides and the TV is incredibly strong, but this should definitely be the focal point. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few.

It shouldn’t be a problem if you have an extensive entertainment center, but if it’s not, it’s worth mentioning that it extends beyond the back of the TV, so be careful if you’re used to placing devices behind your screen.

The good news is that the ribbon around the U8G is a bit thinner, giving the TV a slightly thinner look regardless of the viewing angle. At the bottom, the mount is slightly thicker because the microphone with the microphone / microphone is located in the same place.

The TV behind the screen does not protrude much, and considering the UG weighs less than 60 pounds, it’s not so bad to lift. It is not difficult to move the TV from the box to a table after screwing the legs.

Ports are also adequate. Mainly configured on the left side behind the configuration, with the power cord placed on the opposite side. Four HDMI ports sit vertically, including one ERC, two USB inputs, RF input, RCA integrated input, and 3.5mm audio. Ports for digital audio output and LAN are close to horizontal.

PS5 and Xbox Series X | Players who are lucky enough to achieve both are happy to know that two HDMI ports support 120Hz to 4K, while the other two support 4Hz to 60Hz. This saves enough space for two consoles in the next step, a Nintendo switch and a good amount of space for a selected streaming device.

The remote control packaged for the U8G does not come with the simplicity of a remote control from a Roku or Apple TV, but it does do just that in terms of navigation. There is also a Google Help button with the Android TV software controller. Like most modern remote controls, there are quick buttons that take users to apps like Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, YouTube, Tube and Peacock.

The IR remote is equipped with Bluetooth, but it should be connected primarily via the menu button. However, navigation is not difficult due to the backlight when the lights are turned off. Admittedly, the remote control has nothing special but it certainly does the job.

Smart TV (Android TV)

There have been many complaints about modern TVs using Android TV regarding responsiveness. For U8G, there are times when testing is not as passive or unresponsive. Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney + and many more apps have launched adequately without any problems.

If you are already a trusted member of the Android ecosystem, setting up UTG8 is a breeze. Everything from Wi-Fi to apps is automatically accessed after logging in through your Gmail account, freeing users from the “new TV” hassle of re-entering logins and passwords in some apps. If you already use Netflix or Disney + on your phone, Google will automatically follow up and use its password bank automatically.

The U8G also has a built-in microphone and voiceless controller when you don’t want to do anything too complicated. That’s pretty much a feature, but if you have a smart TV, Android device, and / or Google Homes, there are times when Google can be a bit confusing. When controlling the media, voice controls work well for basic background actions such as pausing, pause, reversing, fast forwarding, and playing.

Image quality

Hisense ULED technology continues to improve, and U8G continues to bear witness: rich, beautiful colors and deep blacks seem to be jaw-dropping in shows, movies, and sports.

In addition to providing 4K resolution, the U8G’s native 120Hz screen supports IMAX enhanced filmmaker mode, Dolby Vision, Dolby IQ, HDR10 + / HDR10 and Quantum Dots. Dark zones are increased from 180 to 360 with a dynamic resistance ratio of 10,000: 1 and a maximum brightness of 1500 knots. This means that the picture quality is amazing, regardless of the angle or brightness of the room one is looking at.

Built into U8G, it is a special anti-glare film. As mentioned earlier, the UTG may be the most well-connected TV in the Hisense feature, but the excellent picture quality is its main draw.

There are various image processing options, from brightness to image mode. Sports enthusiasts with a keen interest in visual acuity can benefit from a variety of motion enhancements and explanatory methods. The 2021 Olympics, the world’s largest sporting event, looks so beautiful that it will definitely stand out when tested. Another great sports example is Netflix’s Naomi Osaka documentary using Dolby Vision and HDR10.

Audio performance

For better or worse, the audio quality is consistent with Hisense new TV crop. If users are looking for a loud movie experience, a loudspeaker or speaker system is the best option. Alone, the U8G built-in speaker delivers a normal audio experience. While the TV can receive incredible volume, the audio quality decreases once users exceed the 20-point limit.

In a small and medium-sized room, the sound quality is a bit richer when watching a TV series or a movie below that volume level.

When listening to music on highly trusted music streaming services such as Tidal, the sound quality is excellent if you are within a reasonable volume. There is some richness in the trilogy and mid tones and the bass sounds pretty deep. Keep in mind that some of the higher levels have a level of distortion that can be embarrassing.

If so, buy it

You need some unique image quality

Whether watching TV shows, movies and playing the latest generation consoles from Microsoft or Sony, the U8G looks amazing when used. It helps support HDR and Dolby Vision.

You are already invested in Google’s Android ecosystem

If you are an Android user, everything from a startup TV to access to various streaming services is a breeze. Unlike previous Hisense models, the UI is also not slow.

You need a good set of features for a budget approximate price

At $ 999 for a 55-inch and $ 1,299 for a 65-inch, the Hisense U8G budget is perfect for those who want a little more than 4K but can’t afford more premium TVs.

The biggest positive for Android TV is the number of apps between streaming services and games. In fact, users who like to play a large number of games on Google Play, such as asphalt racing, untrained, crossroads and the like, need sports pads.

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