Samsung Galaxy Book Pro review

My short and sweet review

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is the latest flagship of the electronics giants that almost everyone has won. We say ‘mostly’ because Samsung dominates many areas, including smartphones, TVs, and stores, but has not had the same level of success with laptops.

However, it is clear that the company wants to change that with the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro, and Intel has built an attractive high-end laptop that packs the latest 11th generation processor. In fact, with the HP Specter x360 (2021) and Dell XPS13 (late 2020), the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is an Intel Evo-certified laptop.

The Intel Evo platforms are designed to have a level of performance that should wake up in less than a second, have 11th-generation processors, and provide a Thunderbolt 4 port for faster data transfer speeds and more than 9 hours of battery life. . The idea is that if you buy a laptop with the Intel Evo logo on the box, you should know that you will get a very attractive actor. No pressure then.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Key Specifications

CPU: 2.8GHz Intel Core i7-1165G7 (quad-core, 8MB Intel Smart Cache, with turbo boost up to 4.7GHz)
Graphics: Intel Iris X (integrated)
Screen: 13.3 inch FHD (1,920 x 1,080) touchscreen
Storage: 512GB SSD (PCIe, NVMe, M.2)

Port: 1x USB-A 3.2, Thunderbolt 4 with USB-C, USB-C Micro SD card reader, HDMI, combo audio jack
Connectivity: Intel Wi-Fi 6AX (2x2), Bluetooth 5.1
Camera: 720p
Weight: 2.3 lbs (1.05 kg)
Size: 13.9 x 8.89 x 0.46 inches (355.4 x 225.8 x 11.7 mm; WDD x H)
Cinebench R20: 1,166 points (single core); 4,079 (multi-core)
Geekbench 5: 1,537 (single core); 5,212 (multi-core)
PCMark 10 (home test): 4,913 points
PCMark 10 Battery life: 13 hours 38 minutes
Battery life (Tekradar film test): 16 hours 49 minutes

With the brand new Intel CPU and Samsung ‘Galaxy’ brand, the company has dedicated itself to its flagship products, and it is not surprising to learn that the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is an expensive laptop. For the 15.6-inch model we are reviewing here, you are looking at at least $ 1,199.99 / 1,099 (about AU $ 2,000). It’s a big part that varies according to anyone’s standards.

The good news is that the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro justifies these prices. The design is not the most impressive, but the attractive thin, and light – weighs only 1.05 kg. This makes it a good laptop to take out and take out because you can keep it in your bag or backpack and you won’t even notice that it’s there.




SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro Intel Evo Platform Laptop

It has a number of good ports, including a microSD card slot that puts it ahead of other professional laptops that seem to sacrifice port for slim and lightweight designs. The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro proves that you should not make such compromises.

Normal performance is very good, with 11th generation processors and ample RAM allowing you to run Windows 10 and easily access any application you like. Without dedicated graphics, this is not going to play much AAA or handle heavy graphics workload, but you would not buy it anyway.

However, that’s where it’s really great, along with the battery life. In our tests it lasted between 14 and 16 hours, depending on what you use it for. It’s a remarkable time and it means you can work happily for a full working day without having to worry about getting involved.

smoothly and starts quickly. During his time with the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro, it easily ran several apps and websites.

The large keys on the keyboard and the large and fancy screen make working on the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro easy.

The model we are reviewing here comes with an Intel Core i7-1165G7 and is a powerful quad core processor with a maximum frequency of 4.7GHz. Coupled with 16GB of RAM, this provides a faster laptop and is more suitable for everyday workload. For those who need a laptop for internet or video streaming, it may be superfluous, but if you need something you can load a program file and this is a great machine to get them up and running quickly.

There are no dedicated graphics, but the integrated Intel Iris X graphics give very good performance. Even if you can’t play the latest AAA games on it (although you can do old or new retro or indie titles), it’s enough for photo and video editing and contributes to the overall performance of the Samsung Galaxy. Book Pro .

The screen is bright and vibrant, and with the 15.6-inch version you have plenty of room to play. Sounds a bit thinner than normal, and the loudspeakers are less attractive and distort when raised too much. This can often be a symptom of the thin and light design of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro, which means that there is not enough space to place better quality speakers. They do just that, but if you want to listen to music (or you need a laptop for video and music editing) you need to connect external speakers.

The fingerprint scanner used to access Windows 10 worked very well in our time with the laptop and always logged us in quickly and without hassle. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with other Windows 10 laptops.
One of the biggest selling points of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is the ability to integrate with other Samsung products outstanding smartphones and Galaxy Buds with real wireless headphones. We tested the laptop with a variety of Samsung devices, including the Galaxy Buds, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 +, but the integration was good but with a few caveats.

For a start, Samsung tries to make the connection between its devices like Apple (with iPhone, Mac and Airpod) without interruption, it doesn’t really manage it, but it’s not entirely Samsung’s fault.

While Apple has full control over its hardware and software, Samsung does not. To connect your Samsung phone, for example, use Android (via Google) and Windows (via Microsoft) and sign in to a range of accounts, including your Samsung account. Meanwhile, the laptop uses Microsoft’s OneDrive service, a photo sync option that lets you view photos on your phone on Windows.

It’s not a transaction break, but it does reduce the overall conglomeration more than Apple’s process, where you only need one Apple ID and the process is very simple.

Samsung has already installed many of its own apps on the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro. These apps, like the Samsung Gallery and the Samsung Note, will be familiar to anyone with a Samsung phone or tablet, as they are pre-installed on those devices. It brings a bit more uniformity between the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and its smartphone and tablet counterparts, which means you can sync items between them.

However, versions of Windows 10 in these apps suffer from the same problems as mobile phones, and Windows 10 comes with very good apps like Notepad and Photos that do the same job. Sure, they do not automatically sync with Samsung devices, but it does give the impression of a pre-loaded Samsung Galaxy Book Pro with extra tools.

The same is true of Samsung smartphones, and many may wonder what the purpose of the Samsung Gallery is, for example, when Google Photos does the same thing. It’s clear why Samsung did this – it requires people to use apps that may not impress many users, not Google or Microsoft – especially if they do not have a Samsung smartphone or tablet.

If so, buy it …

You have a Samsung smartphone

The integration between the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and other Samsung devices is great, so this laptop is a good fit if you are investing in an ecosystem.

You need bright battery life
The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is truly amazing and it is one of the best we have ever seen on such a powerful laptop.

You need a lightweight laptop
The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is very light, especially when you consider its screen size. It is a device that you can easily carry throughout the day.

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