Shark Style iQ hair dryer review

A minute review

Shark is a well-known brand for making some of the best vacuum cleaners around. Often referred to as Dyson’s floor cleaning, it’s not surprising that the brand is following its competitor into the hairdryer market.

The Shark Style iQ, known as the Shark HyperAir in the US, is the brand’s first hair dryer, but Dyson decided to design its hair dryer from the ground up, and the Shark model follows the traditional design we are all familiar with.However, the Style iQ comes with that have the ability to automatically adjust the airflow and temperature, depending on the attachment you have attached, to suit the design you are trying to create.

The Shock Style iQ Hair Dryer comes with three temperature settings, three speed levels and a cool shooting function. Shipping 1600W hair protection device with two attachments. The first is a concentrating nozzle with an adjustable opening that is suitable for gentle and quick drying; Or, when narrow, it can be used to create a smooth, sleek style. The second is a diffuser that dries evenly the roots of the elongated curls as well as the wavy hair, minimizing heat loss.
The Shock Style iQ is more expensive than most hair dryers on the market, but it still sucks Dyson supersonic. It is best suited for those who want to create a series of hairstyles without having to worry about which settings to use. It is also suitable for those with curly hair who like to limit heat loss.

Shark style iQ hair dryer price and availability

The Shark Style iQ, or Shark HyperAir iQ in the US, will give you a refund of $ 229.99 / $ 229.99. It is available directly through Shark as well as from retailers including John Lewis & Amazon in the UK.

In the UK, the Shark Style iQ is combined with a nozzle and diffuser, and is replaced by a design brush attachment instead of a U.S. diffuser. An additional bundle in the US includes a diffuser, a soft wave generator, hair clips and a non-slip mat for $ 249.95.


  • Three temperature and speed settings
  • Ships with two attachments
  • Compact and lightweight
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Although the barrel is slightly shorter than some of the models we have tested, such as the Panasonic EH-NA67, the Shark Style iQ seems to make you expect a hair dryer. It is a compact hair protection device measuring 25 x 7.5 x 12cm / 9.8 x 3 x 4.7 inches (h x w x d) and weighing 500g / 1.1lb.

The UK model comes in a sleek black and pink gold finish while the US hair dryer has a muted gold tone. As mentioned, the UK hair dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle and diffuser and the US package comes with a stylish brush attachment instead of a diffuser.

The hair dryer provides 1600W of power with three heat control settings and three options for air flow speedup, controlled using the buttons on the back of the barrel. The power button is located on the back of the handle, and there is a cool-shot button on the front of the handle that gives you cool air to adjust your design.

Thanks to the Style iQ’s 2.5m / 8.2ft power cord, those who do not have an easy mirror near a power outlet can easily dry their hair.


  • Fast drying time
  • Automatic adjustment of heat and speed settings
  • Strict to clean

The Shock Style iQ certainly conforms to the claims of quick drying hair. On the fastest setting, it took 3 minutes and 56 seconds for our wet, thin hair below the shoulders to dry completely. When used on the lowest temperature setting, this only increased to 5 minutes to 8 seconds, which is one of the fastest hair dryers we have tested.

In all settings, the hair is given a shiny and smooth look with very small flying strands. Overall, the Shark Style iQ was easy to hold in both the left and right hand (we switched hands, depending on which side of the head it was shaped).

When a concentrator nozzle or diffuser was fitted to the hair dryer, we noticed that the temperature and speed settings were automatically adjusted to the optimum level for use with the tool. We also found sliders on the attachments – used to lengthen the prongs on the diffuser and widen or narrow the concentration nozzle – to move smoothly.

In terms of sound, the Shark Style iQ registers 76dB on the fastest setting in our decibel meter. With regard to noisy hair protection equipment, this is in the middle range and is similar to the noise emitted by a vacuum cleaner. It is acceptable as the hair dryer may only be active for a few minutes at a time.

However, we were disappointed with the lack of a filter that could remove the hair dryer, which is able to get rid of both dust and lint.

Should I Buy a Shark Style iQ Hair Dryer?

Buy now …

You need quick drying time

There is no denying that Shark Style iQ is fast in terms of hair drying, it takes about 4 minutes for thin hair up to shoulder length to dry. There is no compromise on smoothness or shine.

You struggle to figure out what settings to use

Want to create different designs but don’t know what speed and temperature settings to use? This will not be a problem with the Shark Style iQ, as any adjustments will be made automatically when the attachments are connected.

You have wavy curly hair

Like most hair dryers, Shock Style ships with an iQ diffuser. However, it also strengthens other models on the market with its expandable prongs, allowing them to with curly hair to dry their tresses in a way that retains the curl but without subjecting the ends to heat damage.

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