Best Review of Toshiba C350 Fire TV

The Toshiba C350 has a bright picture and is clear enough to enjoy most of the content even though its content is high. It would be better if it had a new backlight system or advanced screen features like VRR to stand out from its competitors.

Price and release date

The Toshiba C350 Fire TV is now known as the 43C350KU and 50C350KU in 43-inch and 50-inch models, respectively. It starts at $ 319 for the smaller model and goes up to $ 399 for the 50-inch model. A 75-inch model is also planned but not yet available at the time of writing and so far all models are only available in the United States.


Toshiba’s C350 will not go for appearance, though its silver chin and silver metal stand are not tilted at all. The metal legs feel strong and have rubber feet to keep the TV stable and prevent the media stand from damaging the surface. Toshiba has built in simple cable restraints on the back of each leg, but there is no cable routing to really set it up in order.

The cables on the back of the TV do not help, because the power cables come out on the right side and the other port on the left – including the four HDMI ports – except the RCA jack, on the back of the indicator.

The C350 has thin bells around the screen that are completely unrecognizable but fade well while viewing content. This is the bezel area that Pacquiao shows itself in Toshiba’s plan. The surface of the screen protrudes strangely from the frame and the chin is slightly unobstructed.

Smart TV (Fire TV)

  • Fire TV provides access to a wide range of services
  • However, it is not the fastest or smoothest experience

The Toshiba C350 runs on the Amazon Fire TV operating system, which provides easy access to a wide range of content, such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and YouTube, and is actually Amazon’s prime video streaming service.

The setup and settings are easy to navigate and fairly simple. Operating system settings can be accessed from the home screen, and the display and audio settings are a single click on the remote, simplifying the settings and then viewing the results immediately. Alexa makes things a little faster with the TV’s quick response and easy access to the remote.

Image quality

  • The K 4K HDR content is bright and vibrant
  • Amb can deal with any kind of light
  • But it is not good in obstructive situations

The visuals on the C350 are crisp and detailed, especially when looking at 4K content, which works well with non-4K content. Can give the picture some strong color. One would expect that color to work with 4K HDR content, but there is a slight mismatch. Some of the content we viewed during testing was really colorful and rich in color, but the electric dream color saturation in the prime video tended to decrease.

In contrast, we enjoyed a colorful picture while watching Tennet on HBO Max. That pairing with sharp details made for a great viewing experience. The fine details about the texture of the characters’ hair and clothing and other materials have really emerged. The Blender short film Cosmos Londromat is a great showcase of the capabilities of television, with all the sheep texture, the difference in scenes, and the whirlwind of colors coming to an end.

There are two factors that help maintain a good view in everyday viewing situations: the brightness of the scene and the reflective finish. Even on a sunny day in a room with many windows, it is easy to see the dark contents. It can be bright enough to receive power through the screen, and the display avoids reflections to the point where it never ends up looking at a reflection in our living room whenever there is a dark scene on the screen. In contrast, looking at the Tennet HBO Max, we enjoyed a rich colorful picture. That pairing with sharp details made for a great viewing experience. The fine details of the characters’ hair and clothing and the texture of the other material have really emerged. The Blender short film Cosmos Laundromat is a great showcase of the capabilities of television, with all the sheep’s textures, the difference in scenes, and the whirlwind of colors coming to an end.

Audio Performance

  • Very moderate sound quality
  • Speakers best loud and bass
  • But the bass is lacking and the audio mix suffers from a greater volume

Toshiba’s visual work is not compatible with audio, but TV speakers will not bother you at least when it comes to volume – they can pump enough sound to fill a medium – even in a small volume room. If you are just waiting to hear a conversation, the speakers should be fine.

But, when more complex audio mixes, sound tapes, sound effects and audio equipment happen at the same time, the sound suffers. The action ends with the bass feeling a little dead due to a lack of ohms, and some high-frequency sounds seem to be cut off from the mix (such as the silver ripples in the background of a dinner party).

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